Sports Nutrition

Keto Drinks

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contains Conjugated Glyceryl Linoleate Microcapsule Powder,Butter,Coconut oil,Concentrated whey protein powder,Resistance dextrin,Macha Powder,Coconut Milk Powder,Casein

The size of anti-fattening drink smaller than keto bar, is easy to carry.

The addition of various natural flavor, such as black tea powder, cocoa powder, etc., enables consumers to have more choices.

Three healthy oils,including butter, virgin coconut oil and high quality MCT oil, are wrapped into easy-to-brewing lipid microcapsules using a unique sugar-free coating technology.

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Customize Product Service Program

--to provide a complete series of product service program, integrate our advantage in R&D and production, provide a customized program for YOU.

(1) Program planning: assist you to establish product marketing methods, start from analyzing demand from "user portrait", and provide creative product solutions.

(2) Formula R&D: convert the product plan into R&D requirements, and repeatedly trial-produce samples until the flavor and taste requirements are fully met.  

(3) Market test: provide white film, white bottle, digital packaging and other pilot production products to help you to complete market test and preheating.

(4) Production: perfect supply chain integration ability, good quality management system, strong and efficient production capacity, we are able to provide you with high-quality affordable products.  

(5) Technical services: the nutritionist team summarizes the product selling points, process characteristics, high-quality raw materials, weight loss recipes, and output easy-to-execute and trainable technical documents to conduct in-depth service to you.

(6) Brand empowerment: set up direct broadcast rooms in production bases and R&D centers, and assign nutritionists and R&D specialists to participate in product live broadcast.  

(7) Logistics service: establish cooperation with major logistics companies, comprehensively promote the cloud warehouse mode, and realize one piece delivery.

(8) Product iteration: make regular review with you and collect market feedback, and carry out product iteration and upgrade to improve product strength.