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Meet us on IWF expo 7B05 in Nanjing International Expo Center

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The future for Protein Powder

Chinese Wisdom by Hengmei Food


Chinese Wisdom by Hengmei Food, Hengmei food is providing stable supplies on protein powder to shield our customer’s growth in the sports nutrition market.

Predictably, the sports nutrition market is widening up, from the professionals to the people who love sports and healthy lifestyle, the market space made several times growth.  As the C position of sports nutrition, the demand of protein powder is gradually diversified, and the market capacity is rapidly expanding, showing the trend of gradual explosion.


After the explosion of the pademics, the global supply chain suffered a great impact. Some foreign brands could hardly reach the Chinese market, which led to the shortage of imported protein powder.  In addition, the foreign supply chain is not complete, and some materials need to be imported from China before production, so that the cycle is prolonged again.  Foreign supply chains are out of norm.

As one of the first enterprises to obtain the production license of sports nutrition special diet in Zhejiang, Hangzhou Hengmei has been committed to the research and development and production of protein powder to provide reliable support for customers.

Protein is power.


First of all, up to 75% protein, fully meet the nutritional needs of the muscle after fitness exercise.  

Secondly, on the basis of whey protein concentrate, separated whey and hydrolyzed whey are added. The high absorption rate of digestion is very key to the muscle recovery of the body after training.  

At the same time, without the addition of cheap filled peptides.  Use high quality substitute sugar rohanin and stevia, instead of sucrose, you do not need to worry about excess calories.  Moreover, rich in a variety of minerals and good taste, this product has been highly praised and repurchased.

August 30th to September 1st

Meet us on IWF expo in Nanjing International Expo Center

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